Rapport de la table ronde du 06 – 02 – 2016

DAY 3: TABLE RONDE 6 ( 2:10 p.m. At 3:40 p.m. )

Theme : management of companies in the context Africa

Moderator  :Professors Yves-Frédéric LIVIANandAlidou OUEDRAOGO

Communication # 1  : Prof. Samuel NANKOLENDOUSSE  of the University of Ouagadougou and University Aube Nouvelle on  »  the state of the research in geology in Burkina Faso: contribution to the enhancement of resources mining  « .

The communicator has a brief overview of the research geology in Burkina Faso, which is conducted by the BUMIGEB which boasts of the support of the Bank World and the UNDP . It has in addition presented the steps to cross to get to the development of the map geological of Burkina Faso who turns out to be insufficient . He also presented the device a map geological and mining in Burkina Faso, characterized by rocks sedimentary and areas potentially mining and a map structural .

In the opinion of the communicator , considered the Burkina Faso as a country exclusively agricultural is backward due to the richness of its soil which is not more to prove . In effect , the basement Burkinabe packed in addition to gold from metals ferrous as the manganese , of metals non -ferrous , substances metal , the stones precious and substances Energy .

To conclude , it has addressed the impact of economic and social exploitation mining which is of two orders to know an operating craft and an operating industrial . The impact economic of this exploitation mining , the panelist has inferred that the contribution of the sector mining is not  negligible and is positioned in front of the cotton . In conclusion, Pr. NANKOLENDOUSSE has highlighted the possibility of a marriage between the development sustainable and research mining solution to a minimization of the effects adverse to the exploitation mining .

Communication # 2  : Dr. Patrice Grimaud  on the theme  : «  Biofuels and activity Mining in Burkina Faso: the research  »

The theme  » Biofuels and activity Mining in Burkina Faso: the research  » has been presented by Dr Patrice Grimeaud of CIRAD . The objective of the study conducted jointly by CIRAD and 2iE is to analyze the biofuel as an alternative to energy fossil on sites mining . The methodology used to consist in an analysis comparative of oils plant and oil . In terms of results achieved , it appears that the biofuels can appear as a substitution solution partial or total , especially as the conditions of operation of groups generators on the site mining for the production of electricity are compatible with the use of oil plant pure. In the longer term , the revegetation sites after operation can be achieve with crop energy dedicated ( plants with seed oil for the production of oil plant fuel ), limiting and competition possible with crop eating little consistent on old site mining .

Communication # 3  : Dr. Jean Marc Leblanc, representative of the IRD on the theme  : «  Research , innovation and impact ‘

This communication has focused on  »  Research , innovation and impact. » The transfer of results of research is a theme relevant and topical . How to develop an outcome considered creative . This is to respond to this issue that the institutions of research and the universities put   up incubators . Faced with the dissatisfaction of the results of these incubators , several initiatives have been developedThis is the case of CIRAD and IRD   who have developed and put into work several results of research . We have the example of the steps for processing concrete for products of the research agronomic in achievements that can appropriate the user end , farmers , producers or farmers . Besides the component valuation of results , these two structures was fixed for objectives to support the innovators during their journey .


1. How to ensure the development of resources not renewable

2. How to reconcile the map Farm with the evolution of the population

3. The rate of leakage from brains of researchers from BUMIGEB

4.       devices taken by the state for those who hold patents mining operations

5.       What are the mechanisms put in place to locate the people of Burkina Faso to the certainty of the existence of oil in the ground Burkina Faso

6.       What are the measures accompanying taken by CIRAD for the protection of the environment

7. The bio fuel there is a need for a country that has need of its soil to feed  ?

8.       Can we talk about balancing if there are no skimming the level of companies mining  ?

9. The problem of non- availability of managers in the sector of exploitation mining  ?

10.   What do you think of the statement following « I am not happy to Senegal , I would have preferred that there is neither oil nor of gas   »

11. THERE is a lot of potential in the basement of Burkina Faso, why not close a mine to avoid disaster?

12. No capitalization of the study prior to the exploitation mining

13. What about the exploitation of manganese in Burkina Faso


Mr. Grimaud  :

In response to the question on the production of bio fuel , Mr. Grimaud has indicated that there was no impact fairly significant with the cultivation of cereal and studies are on course to set a framework more suitable to the conciliation between the two methods of cultivation.

To the question on the conservation of minerals non -renewable , Mr. Leblanc has explained that this concept is not negligible but can be mitigated by the Code Mining in Burkina Faso who gives the answers on the regeneration of soils and the sustainability of the environment related to the exploitation mining .

In response to questions about the leak of brains of BUMIGEB Mr. NANKOLENDOUSSE has advocated taking into account the needs individual of workers in their granting of salaries to the level of those of the private .

For this which is the issue of the lack of context in the exploitation mining , Mr. NANKOLENDOUSSE has recommended training by specialty at the expense of training general in geology .

To the question on the closure of mines to avoid disaster, Mr. NANKOLENDOUSSE , said that in the absence of mines, it would be difficult to Burkina Faso for the tender to the development , the taxes paid by operators mining being to able to contribute to the payment of salaries of civil servants .

Concerning the exploitation of manganese , the panelist has raised the

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