Rapport des panels 1 et 2 du 04 – 02 – 2016


I.    Put into context the panel by the moderator

The setting in context has been made by Prof. Alidou Ouédraogo . He recalled the plane of the panel and is   a setting in context . His intervention we can remember :

  • Pole of growth meant grouping of three entities that are : the companies , the centers training and centers of research . The objective is to create a synergy between these three entities to boost the development economic . There are several terminologies concerning the concept of pole of growth .
  • The panelists have been invited to answer questions following :
    • As the pole of growth implies the specialization , and as a strong specialization poses a problem of conversion after , what are the solutions to allow the versatility of actors involved ?
    • What are the measures taken to that the developing economic rhymes with protection of the environment and developing social?

The panelists were then made everyone a presentation .

  II. Communication 1: Overview overall on the approach of the poles of growth in Burkina Faso and prospects

This communication has been presented by Mr. Nicolas Kobiané representative of the Director General of the Development territorial, Burkina Faso. The intervention has focused on a definition of concepts; on why the poles of growth , how has led the development of poles of growth , the forecast and the state . The panelist has defined a number of concepts which the Pole growth which is a combination of enterprises , of centers for training and research private and public. He insisted on the faitqu’il are not, in terms universsel , a common denomination. In Burkina Faso is the SCADD who defined the policy of the poles of croissassance . He also defined the Pole economic , the clusters of businesses , the areas economic special  and niches  which are concepts related to the pole of growth . The panelist has explained that the setting in place the poles of growth resulting from a reduction lack of poverty despite the growth . The vision is to accelerate the development and the objective of achieving a growth of 10%. The approaches developed in the framework of poles of growth are  : a project in the long term , an approach cross and integrated , a competitive regional , and an approach of sustainability of  the economy . The setting in implementing concrete is passed the document orientation policy for 2013-2015, the setting up of a committee steering the implementation of projects pilots , the strengthening of capacities , and monitoring and evaluation . It is expected of agropoles , a pole of growth of the Sahel , a pole Travel to   the east , areas economical to Bobo and Ouagadougou and clusters of businesses  : oil mill ( Bobo ), Culture and Hospitality (Ouagadougou).

III. Communication 2: Pole growth of Bagre : lessons on the crumb used and impacts on promoting the entrereunariat and development company

This communication has been presented by Adamou NIKIEMA . He is the Director of Business Legal Studies Policies ( AJEP ) of Bagrépole , Burkina Faso. Based on the potential of the resources natural and built , human and ecosystem , Bagrépôle aims to contribute to the increase of the activity economic by increasing of investment private , the creation of jobs and the increase of production agricole.la adopted as approach the valuation of the partnership private , public. This project is based on three components . We have the development of instruments institutional for a management and a climate business improved in the area, part 1, development of critical infrastructure component 2 and development of critical services and support directly to small farmers and SMEs , components 3. Scheduled to end in 2020, the project pole of growth Bagré pole is funded by the Bank World  ; The Bank African of developments  ; the companies private national and beneficiaries . In three (03) years of interventions , Bagré pole has realized several infrastructure, train and support the producers for best results . His support has fostered the growth of production. It must be noted that at the top of these achievements and impacts, Bagrépôle encounter some difficulties . It is among others the difficulties flow production rice  ; the  reluctance of some producers and operators private to honor the royalties water and rents . Faced with these Bagrépôle proposes that the measures appropriate for the respect of notebooks loads as well as to support the promotion and the flow of production agriculture and in particular the rice .

IV. Communication 3: What contribution the IHDP in the development of infrastructure agriculture and the promotion of entrepreneurship in rural areas in the west of Burkina Faso?

This presentation has been made by the Director General of IHDP . The intervention has focused on four points: an overview of the project , the components of the project , the results  and the strengths and weaknesses of IHDP . This is AGROPOLE widest in term geographical . The sector engine is producing agro-forestry-pastoral . The objective is to modernize and strengthen the production agro-forestry-pastoral in order to lead the other sectors of the economy . There are six (6) components : the dam with central hydroelectric of 18 GWh , a   perimeter irrigated 21,000 hectares, the ESMP (plan management environmental and social), a channel protection primary ( river Mouhoun ) in making a forest to prevent of activities in the bed of the river , an area industrial with the business transformation, ginning of handling the tools of production ( an area of 100 hectares to expand to 500 ha), and an online high voltage for powering the zone industrial in electricity . Expected between other productions annual of 100,000 tons of rice and high impact economic : 100 000 jobs with 100 billion AC / year. As assets available  an experience of local people in the production and processing, proximity of center for training and research in the area of the project , the proximity of transport infrastructure ( airport of Bobo-Dioulasso , opportunities to countries neighbors ) and a wide coverage geographical the projet.Comme weaknesses there is a crumbling of areas to develop a remoteness of the area project , the fragility of the canal and the remoteness of the site area industrial .

V.Communication 4: pole of growth in the Sahel

This presentation has been made by Mr. Ousmane OUANDAOGO , Economist at the UP-MYP / DGDT . It has to Emble said that the large the potential mining of Burkina is in the Sahel and recalled that the boom mining in Burkina has intervened in from 2000 and represents about 20% of GDP not only for the production of gold. The contribution in the budget of the state was 168 billion in 2014. It has against fact noticed that the specialization in a sector economic leads often to neglect the other sectors ; it that can kill the economy local. this is the reason which the government has chosen to associate the other sectors in the project of pole of growth of the Sahel . The approach selected is the development of an area developed in the long term but it must first of the projects to attract the investment , structuring the economy and arrive at a stage where we have more need to make projects to attract the donors . Currently he has noted major challenges related to the problem energy , the conflicts recurring among the local population, and the low deployment of the State in the Sahel . For each problem , solutions are proposed . The pole of growth is to increase the investment deprived , strengthen the infrastructure of the area for the installation of partners private  and coordinate  the project . A term it should enable the creation of 12,500 jobs . As education he has taken the example of Dubai  : knowing the precariousness of resources not renewable it must invest in the other sectors to take advantage of the benefits of the resources precarious in the structuring of the economy local and boost the economy overall .

VI. Questions raised

1.         From Dr. Akono , University of Yaoundé , Cameroon

·         Can we get back on the difference between pole economic and pole of growth  ?

The pole economic is located , has assets comparative but he must make it a pole of growth . A pole of growth are not a project of developing local but national, this application of structure and put in synergy the entities of the economy region of such kind in what that impact is national.

·         What is the role of the pole of growth of the Sahel vis-à-vis the companies mining  ?

Its role is in the creation of synergy between the actors . The companies mining consume the rice , and the production of rice should there be , in part , absorbed .

2.         Prof. Fatou Diop Sall , University Cheikh Anta Diop , Senegal  : He Is a strategy of pole of growth of Bagre compared to the market  ?

There are, among others , a strategy of sale of rice with the Mutual of large companies and a setting in front of networks of distribution of rice .

3.         Prof. Koffi Ahanogbé , University of Pretoria, Africa of the South  : Some studies show that the poles of growth mining are a growth depleting because the weight of social and environmental is negative . What are the criteria for defining a pole of growth  ? Pr Kaboré Tibo Jean Eudes , Lecturer at U-Auben : What synergies between axes of the project of growth of Bagre  ?

The poles of growth cost  more expensive when one puts in connection the investments and results in their operation (for example the problem of flow of goods ). He must lead a reflection university on the profitability actual of poles of growth . This is why it must encourage university Aube Nouvelle and other universities to continue the reflection by conferences of this kind.

4.         Somé Ka-Ir-Tou , student at U-Auben : what that is reserved for local people  in the project of the pole of growth of Bagre ?

It should say that the farmers have access to the fields well equipped with irrigation ( of which the cost is 10 million on 1ha ). The investors or agrobusinessmen have the plots in earth high and should deploy more resources to exploit that the peasant local.

5.         Harouna Bancé , student master environment to U-Auben : the level of the marketing of rice from Bagre , is it that the problem was not linked to the variety  ?

The rice imported is old and it has been addition of material chemical conservation. For addition it causes drying of the rice and makes it swells more in the cooking . So the people who did not have great resources the favor .

6.         Congo Welcome student in environment  and development sustainable : what is the rate of survival of enterprises and the mode of funding  ?

rapporteurs  :

  • Bani Samari Saïdou
  • Kouame Dido Edwige
  • Dr. Jean Serge Dimitri OUATTARA

Panel Report 2

Started at 2:40 p.m. , the panel 2 with the theme focused on « taking into account the development sustainable in the management of resources natural and prospects for Africa  : concepts theoretical , challenges and prospects » has been for moderator Prof. Lacina Coulibaly . After a brief presentation of the context of the panel, it has passed the floor to the first communicator Professor Samuel Yonkeu of the University Aube Nouvelle. The communicator Yonkeu has traded on the topic following  :  »  Economics green and entrepreneurship in Africa  : challenges and opportunities for a march to the development sustainable. »

In its communication, it is the party of the problem to know how the world of entrepreneurship African will be positioned from now to not be a once more to the lagging compared to the rest of the world , for through the economy green and entrepreneurship . To respond to this issue, it is returned on the concept of economic green which is the new paradigm economy . He made the connection between entrepreneurship and the economy green and show how Africa could take advantage of the potential of this economy green . Well as teeming with abundant resources natural , Africa did not previously benefit of the advantages of growing economic world in because of inadequacies of infrastructure . Africa will further be directed to the investments that meet the environment as in promoting the development socioeconomic . He gave a few tracks of thinking in what measure the growth of the economy can help to alleviate the unemployment of young people .

By following the Pr Yonkeu , Prof. Claude CODJIA of Montreal has presented its communication on the topic « The new technologies advanced in the service of the environment and development  : the role of geomatics  . » At the start of his communication, he has defined the geomatics as the positioning geographic ally in IT to avoid the mistakes and take the decisions optimum in the areas economic , agricultural , of the science management , marketing, the environment , the prevention of catastrpohes natural including the floods . The Geomatics provides for powerful tools to aid in the decision in these areas . A through the case specific , he has shown in which the use of GIS has helped to make savings from 20 to 40%.

These cases have focused in particular on  :

– The setting up of a system of forecasting of floods

– The realization of system of setting to update information on the cities

– The accounting ecosystem .

The GIS is a powerful tool with in the decision to better manage and plan . It is the tool of choice for understanding the problems existing relating to the environment and to its management .

Finally , the third and last communication Panel 2 has been made by Professor Elavie Ndura of the University of George Mason US which the theme was focused on role of peace in the promotion of development sustainable . She located the context of the issue by the fact the heart of concerns human must be the welfare of the people. According to it , the peace is the alignment of capacity intellectual with the depth of our hearts and our actions intentional . The environment   and social policy are fundamental to the development sustainable. She insisted that the men do will not always accept to have always hungry for what the others eat . So when we compromise the peace we mortgage the development . She asked a few questions reflection  :

Who am I  ?

What this that inspired me to do this as I am  ?

How can I use my skills to promote the condition human  ?

She made a few recommendations  :

– Collaboration transdisciplinary is essential to any solution of peace

–          Teaching and education must promote the peace and development sustainable

– The practice of thinking critically is necessary to development sustainable.

At the end of these presentations , the moderator has passed the word to the audience to ask questions and make comments and observations possible .

While acknowledging the relevance and quality of communications, participants were asked questions concerning among others on  :

– The best technology for an economy green  will be no more from the base to the top than the contrary

– How to achieve the peace and security in the world with all the injustices

–          What and the degree of reliability of these instruments of geomatics ?

– The conditions for peace and development sustainable  in this paradigm of individualism methodological advocated a little starter including the Usa

– The degree of intelligence artificial with understanding human

– The link between the system and moral transformation economic

– The abuse potential related to the control and to ethics in the use of geomatics .

After having enjoyed all questions, the panelists have turn to turn given the elements of answers relevant to all participants.

The work of the panel 2 were taken late at 4:58 p.m. .

rapporteurs  :

Zoungrana Jean Baptiste

Traoré Zakaria

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