Grandes écoles et Universités partenaires

The environment multicultural of ISIG is reinforced by the fact that the Institute is a member of several networks international and African and multiple partnerships with the universities foreign and domestic . The most emblematic of these partnerships are  :

– Convention of accession commitment to certification Cs2i with the Institute of Engineering computer to Limoges ( 3iL ) from the 10 June 2004;

– Agreement cooperation bilaterally with the University of the Mediterranean ( Aix-Marseille II) since the 25 February 2006;

–        University  of Lyon 3;

–        Central  Lille ;

– Agreement cooperation with the National Cheng Chi University, Taiwan  ;

– Agreement partnership education and science with the University of Cape Coast (Ghana) since the 07 April 2005;

– Agreement cooperation with the University of Ghana, Legon since the 20 June 2005;

– Convention partnership with the University of Ouagadougou since 2008;

– Convention partnership with the University Polytechnic of Bobo-Dioulasso  ;

– Convention partnership with the University Catholic of Africa to the West , Unit University of Bobo-Dioulasso .

–       École  Supérieure  de Commerce and Management ( SMC )