Designed to promote flexibility of course, gateways allow students to reorient or enhance their training through access to other courses under certain pre-determined conditions (Figure 1).

The gateways also enable « parallel » admissions at:

· The third year (L3) to the holders of certain qualifications DEUG, DUT, BTS;

· The fourth year (M1) for holders of certain licenses.

Specific courses will be set up for them.

Access to the Master course of ISIG is by selection for students holding a license from the same area of training. The training program also accepts them into types-term but still made more flexible, with language courses and offers an organization core and specialty (M1 and M2) (Cf. 2 and 3) .

The Master’s diploma is awarded a level to obtain 120 credits beyond the license, totaling 300 credits (180 for the license, plus the 120).

The Master is organized in four (4) semesters, spread over two years (M1 for the first year of master and M2 for the second year).

Bridges are organized between Master vocation to research and Master professional vocation to allow a student with a Master in professional vocation to obtain a Master vocation to search for an additional training. Conversely, a student holds a Master in research vocation can get a Master professional vocation through training supplements.