The New Dawn University English club

On January 4th, the New Dawn University English club organised a Barbecue party at the rec center. Living their traditional place, the room 5, team excellence hoped to increase the friendly link between the members of English club, the partners and all English lovers.

The New Dawn University English Club

One week before the date, lot of meeting’s were hold to make sure that the organisation will be perfect. One the barbecue day, January 4th 2017, the organisation community were already at the rec center at 11 o’clock to prepare the ceremonial area. They also started to prepare some drink like natural juice. The greats cookers of team excellence were cooking a very delicious food for guests.

The party started at 3PM o’clock with coming and installation of the guests. They were many games like cards and scrabble  which allow people to spend good times. But some preferred to practices sport, they had a possibility to play volley ball or basket ball. Those who were not playing , were supporting the players or were discussing about the party and many thing.

People were very happy to attend this party

The New Dawn University English club
The New Dawn University English club

At 5PM they were the speech of miss Sonia a responsible of rec center who welcomed people and the speech of the president of English club,leader of team excellent, his excellency  Mr SANA.

After that, all people joined the food table to eat. Among of the party the good song’s were being played by the best DGs of New Dawn University. There the English club received an important guest who is Benga a great humorist of one of the best humorist group of BF which name “GENERATION 2000”. They also received the president of student and trainees of Gabon in Burkina Faso. The doyens of NDU English club were also there to support this activity. People were very happy to attend this party. The party ended by a family picture at 8 PM.

May God bless all English lovers, team excellence never walk alone, together, forether.

Mr MILLOGO Y Jonathan, 1rst year water and Environmental


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