La decouverte de la ville de Bobo Dioulasso

Bobo-Dioulasso  is a city of  Burkina Faso , the second in population after  Ouagadougou . It is the  capital  of the region of  Hauts-Bassins , the province of  Houet  and prefecture of the department of the  same name .

Dubbed as the settlers, his name means « the house of  Bobo-Dioula ( people of Africa )  . » His  station  is an amazing architecture (the train linking  Abidjan  and  Ouagadougou ).


great mosque
great  mosque
Country Flag of Burkina Faso Burkina Faso
Region Hauts-Bassins
Province Houet
Department Bobo-Dioulasso
Mayor El Hadj Salia Sanou
gentilé Bobolais
Population 489 967  hab .  (2006)
Density 3582  inhab ./ km 2
Contact information 11 ° 11 ‘ 00  » North 4 ° 17′ 00″ West
Area 13 678 ha  =  136.78  km 2
indicative phone (+226) 20
Languages of Burkina Faso French , Dioula , Bobo

Geolocation on the map:  Burkina Faso

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Location geographic

Located in southwest Burkina Faso, former capital colonial and even called capital economic , Bobo-Dioulasso covers an area of  13,678 ha  and counted , the census of  1985 , 231,162 inhabitants. The rate of growth is 7.23%, this which gives for  1995 , 412 000. At the census of 2006 the city had 489,967 inhabitants 1 . The city of Bobo-Dioulasso is administered by a mayor and an office elected to within the Council News for a term of five years . The city enjoys a climate rather mild .


Post administrative and military since  1897 , the city present of Bobo-Dioulasso has been a long journey . In fact , it has taken birth and was developed to from a small village called  »  Kibidoué   » founded by farmers Bobo came from Mande to  1050 .

These farmers Bobo , after having installed under the  »  Kibi   » which means tree in Bobo , decided to baptize their town  »  Kibidoué  « . Subsequently, Kibidoué give  »  Sya   » town more big with the arrival progressive traders  Dioula from the  kingdom of Kong  and other migrants from the south . The arrival of the Dioula has generated an ethnic Black and latina called Bobo-Dioula  occupying the current area of  Dioulassoba  which means  the big family Dioula.

Legend devotes several versions of this name Sya and one version Sya said that was the name of a young saleswoman at Kibidoué Dolo, known for his generosity.

In  1904 , Commander Caudrelier baptizes the city Bobo-Dioulasso , the which, literally translated from the  Dioula , means the  »  house of the Bobo-Dioula  . »

Long regarded as the capital economic of the country, particularly by its proximity with  Abidjan  and its high production of cotton , main wealth of the country, the city is in loss of speed since the crisis Ivorian 2002 and 2010-2011  2 . The city only accepts that 20% of companies in the country against 58% for Ouagadougou 3 .

In 2011 the city was shaken by the  revolt that affects the country  ; it is particularly affected by the mutiny of soldiers from Camp Ouezzin Coulibaly and the intervention of the army that mate this mutiny , making 7 dead and 25 wounded between the 31 May and 6th June 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 .

cutting administrative

The Hotel of city of Bobo-Dioulasso

At step today , it is appropriate to retain only terms of Article 7 of Law No 004/93 / ADP of  12  May  1993  concerning organization municipal , Bobo-Dioulasso is erected in town in full exercise , the status of which it enjoyed elsewhere has kept its importance.

The law No 006/93 / ADP of 12 May 1993 devoted to the town of Bobo-Dioulasso a status particular .

The terms of Article 2 of this law , the town of Bobo-Dioulasso is organized in three districts which are  :

  • District of  ;
  • District of Dafra  ;
  • District of Konsa .

It is this same law that sets the limits of the town of Bobo-Dioulasso .

These towns include twenty-five sectors . Each sector has an old name but with the new appointment sector the term  ex  is used to designate . Example  : Sector 1 left Dioulassoba .

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